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Search Engine Optimisation - An Indispensable Tool

Picture your company as a virtual store, or an Internet boutique if you wish. Every passer-by is a potential customer : the more of them walk into your store, the more opportunities you have for converting their visit into sales. Your Website is your storefront as well as your store. People will notice your store because of its strategic location (your Website optimization), its signage and its attractive storefront window (your Internet site home page), and the displays they can see from the street (the graphic design of your site). If they happen to be interested, they’ll walk in and start browsing (looking at the other pages of your Website).

Your Internet site should not be a passive instrument. You are a fisherman – you can throw your line at the first pretty spot, lounge in the sun and wait. The most likely result?  Nothing. On the other hand, with a SONAR and precise knowledge of the habits of the desired fish species, you’ll be at the right spot, at the right time, with the right lure. That’s what a well optimized Website does for your firm.

Each day, some 213 million searches are performed on the Internet in the United States alone. Google accounts for 91 million of those. In the last year only, the number of searches increased by over 10%. (Source : COM Score Figures, Search Engine Watch). What a phenomenal potential market! And this trafic continues to rise! But this means nothing to you unless your Internet site opens the door to this vast market.

Know your target market -- Did you know you can get specific statistics on Internet surfers who use your site – their geographic distribution, their language, your Website’s most popular pages, the total number of visitors to your site, etc. With this crucial information in hand, you can target your Website to make it a deadly weapon. Not only can you find out whom you reach, but whom you DO NOT reach. This enables you to develop a very targeted Internet marketing strategy with your Search Engine Optimization Specialist – InternetPro.

Give yourself the high-tech weapons you need in today’s ruthless war for customer attention, at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay.

We Offer A Complete Range of Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing is an instrument that serves two masters :  the indexing robots of search engines -- the spiders -- who scan and rank your site, and internet surfers who land on your site (whom you want to convert into buyers).  Those two different publics speak a different language, obey different rules and respond to different motivations.  Qualified SEO specialists are the only ones who are fluent in both. They are your spokespersons, your ambassadors. 

Search engine optimisation is an investment, not an expense. Try us: we'll prove it to you!



Website optimization and Internet marketing strategies | Search Engine Optimization | Website Design
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