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Cost- Effectiveness

A Website is the most valuable tool to reach customers in a flexible, eye-catching and long-lasting manner. Although you may cringe at the initial cost of an Internet site, do the math! You’ll see.

• A Website is not a “one-night stand”, here today and gone the next, like an ad in a daily or weekly publication. Your Website remains on line for as long as you pay the (modest) hosting fee by your provider.
• A Website knows no geographical boundaries. The world is within your reach.


• An Internet site can be kept up-to-date by adding pages, modifying some, inserting links to other pages or sites.
• A Website can be completely over-hauled at anytime, without having to wait for a specific publication date or any other time constraint.

Power of Emotion

A Website can combine various media to grab the attention of surfers and generate emotions that anchor a message: music, movement, pictures, animation, text. A potential client sees all his/her senses solicited not by a solo instrument, but by a symphonic orchestra!

Even a small Website – three to five pages – contains on the average between 500 and 2000 words, in addition to pictures. For a written ad to contain

as much information as an Internet site, you’d have to buy most of the ad space in a magazine or newspaper. It would cost a fortune! No small or medium size business or professional office can afford that kind of marketing. Not to mention that your beautiful print ad, purchased at premium prices, finds its way to the recycling bin within a few days…

Let Your Browser Do The Walking - The Internet has already revolutionized the way consumers shop. Instead of walking through the Yellow Pages, the shopper’s fingers dance on a computer keyboard. Did you know that about 75% of households use the Internet for that purpose? Approximately 45% of Internet searches aim at comparing similar products in view of purchase.

Where, exactly, do your potential customers shop? On Google, Yahoo and MSN, the three main search engines. Optimizing an Internet site is a crucial step to ensure that YOUR site will be picked by the those search engines when consumers surf the Web. This is where Certified SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialists come in: they make sure that your Website displays all the characteristics (indexing, keywords, etc.) that make it a star on the Internet. Just as successful agents ensures that the artists they represent are recognized and adequately remunerated, SEO specialists give your Internet site the visibility and effectiveness that bring customers to your doorstep.

Our five steps to a great website for your business!

Website optimization and Internet marketing strategies | Search Engine Optimization | Website Design
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InternetPro est une compagnie offrant des services de consultation de stratégies de marketing Internet, d'optimisation de sites internet
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